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Cheapskate Gardening- some Notes/posts

Cheapskate Gardening- some Notes/posts


* Gardening and maintenance- Misc thoughts-

* Watering and Irrigation ideas


SPROUTS – Tiny Explosions of Taste and Nutrition

SPROUTS – Tiny Explosions of Taste and Nutrition

I have loved sprouts since the first time I scooped them off the salad bar into my plate. later enjoying them in stir fry and other meals.

Then I read about sprouting seeds in a jar and eating the young sprouts, seeds and roots. At that time I learned that there are dozens of seeds and plants available for sprouting and eating- all are economical sources of nutrient rich food.  

Many of the “sprouts” have a greater nutritional impact- bang for the buck- many have a different impact. All are fun because you can grow and watch them form AND then eat them.

Many can be used in smoothies or juice(especially wheatgrass/barley grass) and they have a great nutrient impact. 

Add a few baskets and trays and jars for a full rotating crop of greens and beans and other young veggies to keep you well fed and entertained.

# # 

Some information on choosing seeds and growing sprouts for food.


You can save money om food by growing inexpensive sprouts – You can even make money sharing or selling sprouts and microgreens-





Plan and Plant Your Garden for Non-Stop Veggies- Like a Tasty Buffet

Plan and Plant Your Garden for Non-Stop Veggies- Like a Tasty Buffet

I have been gardening for a number of years and have been reading about it, watching TV / now online videos about it. It is a lot of fun and interesting AND OF COURSE DELICIOUS- but I am learning to make the most of all my efforts and fill the fridge and {now learning to make fermented veggies- KIMCHi/ kraut etc}

I recently read an article about SUCCESSION PLANTING  and was intrigued- I  realized i read about it before but never “caught” it before. Now I am making a plan to try it this year and season.  

Onions, greens, cabbage family plants will be my first trial partners.

* I like this article about Doubling the harvest. I am also adding some of the books mentioned( that I don;t have now),default,pg.html 

** I have been experimenting with Square Foot gardening and some of the ideas in Mel Bartholomew books and website, but not the succession planting ideas( I reread a few pages just a few minutes ago.

^***And one more i found that has a lot of great info- i will download and use for my plans and hopefully for my kitchen ( even share/barter with friends)



Flooding June 7 2013 B


Garden Prep- Winter Season and Spring is Coming (baseball Starts Feb. 13)

Garden Prep- Winter Season and Spring is Coming (baseball Starts Feb. 13)

Getting a little antsy to  get into the garden and get growing for the new year. 

I went by the garden plot at the park and dropped off 10 buckets of used coffee grounds for soil prep and compost/mulch. It is going to a good solid garden this year and the compost pile is cooking along nicely.Compost Pile Jan 2014 

I have also been double-decking my pallets to build raised beds and to elevate them above water problems we had last summer.

They will now be 8-9 inches deep and the slats make a nice separation for the plants and rows for greens. pallet raised bed 2X Debating going 3 high- for deep growing plants. I will consider this as the season progresses and at the end of the summer make he decision.

I took some photos today and will post and take comparison photos as the season arrives and progresses.

 * How to Get ready for the winter(and the spring)

5 Ways to Prepare Your Vegetable Garden for Fall and Winter


What is the next step in preparing the garden for the season? 

Bean Poles 2013 to 2014


Winter Harvest- Garden Planning : Year Round Food- Year Round Fun

Winter Harvest- Garden Planning : Year Round Food- Year Round Fun

Love reading Eliot Coleman- and enjoy much of the stuff he has written and said and look forward to having my own place in the fall.

My garden is still producing some herbs and garlic is teeming and will be great later this spring and summer. I wonder if I can grow some garlic at home for the green tops.

 – More E.Coleman

 – Permaculture- is a useful tool for year round use 


Community Garden, Victory Garden- good for People and Good for the Area/Town

Community Garden, Victory Garden- good for People and Good for the Area/Town

I have enjoyed gardening most of my life. Now that i am living in an apartment I have rented a space in a local City/Community Garden.

It was a fun year. Though limited in production- I enjoyed the garden and have a plan and foundation for an even better 2014. What will the weather do?


 – Victory garden history and interesting Photos:


CSA- or Community Supported Agriculture- are a variation on the them i am addressing here. farmers produce great food locally and consumers get REALLY fresh goodies {veggies, fruit, herbs, eggs, dairy and meat} 


GREENHOUSE- This has been a recent Topic of Discussion with Friends.

GREENHOUSE- This has been a recent Topic of Discussion with Friends.

Winter is fully upon us and since this is Christmas night- we are closer to Spring than we were a week ago- still the opportunity to grow year round and have a great place to start seedling has been a topic.


Greenhouse ideas/thoughts

A. Where to place

B. Foundation or on the ground

C. Construction plans/methods

D. Kits or professional or build frame and use a mix of new and recycled glass / windows / doors


Just a bunch of thought as I look into this. more to follow as i do research and get the tools out.