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“Hiring” Some Employees for your Garden

Now this is a tongue in cheek reference making sure you have enough worms and other useful   partners in your garden.
Good soil with plenty of organic material added to build it up and fortify it for current and long term production. Having a compost pile and adding the properly aged compost to the garden builds the  soil and aids in growth and production. BUT WORMS …..

Worms that move into your garden perform 3 basic tasks :

1. Worm “tunnels” allow for beneficial wate and air to get into the soil

2. Worm ‘castings’ ( manure) enrich the soil

3. Worms participate in breaking down organic materials addd to the garden

A gardener can purchase worms but in many cases these will no survive the relocation . Worms can be purchased and used in a vermicomposting system. The best plans for filling a garden with helpful “employees” is to invite them in year round. One trick to invite worms during the growing season is to use worm tubes and veggie kitchen scraps .

Another method is to build up soil in the off season by adding leaves, leaf mold, coffee grounds, compost, kitchen scraps to the garden beds. If the general area soil is healthy Worms will come to materials to be broken down. The worms will stay in The area to aerate th soil and fertilize with castings.

With enough worms, ongoing composting and well planned gardens the soil will become and remain a powerhouse for years to come.


Worm Composting – They are Great teammates in the Garden and Garbage Dump

Worm Composting – They are Great teammates in the Garden and Garbage Dump

Worm Composting- Great teammates in the Garden and garbage Dump

I used to have 3-4 worm bins and generated some great compost and a bunch of worms for the other “regualr compost bins and for the indoor plants.

Need to find a partner and grow worms/compost with…

Also dig in current garden footpath for worms to put in compost pile and into the rest of garden


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