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Plant Based Complete Protein Sources

An item or ingredient is a complete protein when it has all of the essential amino acids (those needed by humans from our diet).

Many other plants have several amino acids but need to be combined with another item to complete the mix for use in the human body.

This is a very simple list: ( and soy is avoided for allergy and other concerns)

1. Seitan – 21 grams per 1/3 cup. Of course I left out soy due to allergen concern and since seitan is ALL GLUTEN there are some allergy concerns.

2. Hummus with Whole whole grain pita 7 g with 2 tbs hummus

3. Peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread 15 g for 2 tbs PB .

4. Rice and beans 7g/ cup  (brown rice)

5.  Quinoa 8g /cup cooked

6. Buckwheat 6g/cup cooked ( no gluten not related to wheat)

CLOSE TO COMPLETE PROTEIN , but great for combining:

Chia seed and Hemp seed. 9-10 g/ serving

Nutritional yeast – 12g/ 3 tbs

Other seeds  7-9 g/ 1/4 cup
This is just a quick list but many of these can easily be included in 3 daily meals for an intake of 20-30 grams of protein per day.

Plus  a few charts from the web world-


How do you get enough protein on a plant-based diet?



Hiding the Garden from the Deer

I have  loved gardening for many years. This year had the “opportunity” to try to outsmart the deer and grow some herbs on the patio. May create beds outside but need to investigate fencing / barrier options.

We had several 10″-12″ and bigger pots and put a good soil mix and planted seedlings (from Farmers Market, https://www.facebook.com/CharlottesvilleCityMarket/ )

I bought the herbs over a 3-4 week period and they were planted in pots to accommodate their rots and growth needs. Mint all by itself, basil with oregano and another pot of basil with chives. Marjoram is growing nicely in another pot and parsley is in several as well,is in th front yard , sharing space with roses. The roses smell great as a result of their new neighbors.

I knew what we wanted to grow but I did a little research for best herbs for container growing and this was the first .


It has an interesting list and some fun suggestions. The patio is growing green and seems to be doing well. Of course the pics I took are crappy so,I will try again and attach them later.

If all goes well we should have enough basil for some pesto and and for some pesto to freeze. The parsley has already been used and will be harvested all through the season. The others are getting close to usable size.

I have done some container gardening in the past, next I will try with some fruiting vegetables like cucumbers, squash, tomatoes and peppers.

Here are a few things I am reading about veggies in containers:




This is a lot of fun and delicious as well.

Next experiment will be with sprouting indoors…start and eat in 5-14 days in many cases.


Sprouts- ‘Baby’ Food that is Easy to grow and Get Healthy With.

I have experimented with packets of sprouting seeds and a few days of twice daily rinses and watching the taisl pop out and then the baby leaves and then DIGGING in.



   ***  HOW TO Grow sprouts for Healthy Food and Life


Alfalfa Sprouts– (procedure similar for others)


Vegetarian and/or Vegan Diet and Lifestyle – Decision to Switch and Support for the Switch

        Several years ago while struggling with inflammation and the pain in my feet [plantar fasciitis] – I did a lot of research that led me to realize that dairy was a contributing factor to the discomfort and as a result of the information I decided  to drop dairy from my diet.

        This change had amazing results – in 5 weeks from the switch I felt relief from the pain that had bothered me for the previous 14 months. {I have been pain free in my feet ever since that time}

       In the year following the switch I started to think about making the switch all the way vegetarian. The original research also revealed some of the additional benefits of a plant based diet above and beyond the relief from inflammation that going dairy-free gave me.

SOME questions and concerns:

1] How would this change happen with my lifestyle?

2] What restaurants – that I regularly visited- would fit the diet?

3] What other restaurants would fit the lifestyle best? Did I like them and the food?

4] What about brown-bagging my lunch?

 5]  What about recipes and cookbooks?


The following websites and blogs are some that I visit regularly for info, entertainment and of course recipes.



From the site- “ Once upon a time, back in the year 1996, a food-loving, web-savvy, super-smart vegan saw a need for an online veg community. Not only did she want to share meat-free recipes with like-minded cooks around the world, she wanted to connect with others to discuss this burgeoning way of life”  This Is the basic story of the vegweb site. It is a lot of fun and loaded with tons of great information.

It is loaded with recipes, Community info, basic of veganism and a great blog.   


The Vegetarian Resource Group has a nearly unlimited collection of info for new and long time vegetarians/vegans.  Come look and search and play. ( and be healthy)

From the ABOUT US page- The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism and the interrelated issues of health, nutrition, ecology, ethics, and world hunger. In addition to publishing the Vegetarian Journal, VRG produces and sells cookbooks, other books, pamphlets, and article reprints.


I loved meatloaf in the old carni/omnivore days so this site lets me make some fun LOAVES with what I have in the pantry and fridge at any given time or to plan ahead for shopping trip.


This is a fun forum with a wide variety of sub topics including recipes, exercise, fitness, gardening and lifestyle. Join in and participate-share- ask questions.


As a lifelong athlete and now a 50+ fitness/health focused person I love the variety of conversations on this forum and the site.



SPROUTS – Tiny Explosions of Taste and Nutrition

SPROUTS – Tiny Explosions of Taste and Nutrition

I have loved sprouts since the first time I scooped them off the salad bar into my plate. later enjoying them in stir fry and other meals.

Then I read about sprouting seeds in a jar and eating the young sprouts, seeds and roots. At that time I learned that there are dozens of seeds and plants available for sprouting and eating- all are economical sources of nutrient rich food.  

Many of the “sprouts” have a greater nutritional impact- bang for the buck- many have a different impact. All are fun because you can grow and watch them form AND then eat them.

Many can be used in smoothies or juice(especially wheatgrass/barley grass) and they have a great nutrient impact. 

Add a few baskets and trays and jars for a full rotating crop of greens and beans and other young veggies to keep you well fed and entertained.

# # http://alliemoonraw.files.wordpress.com/2012/10/20121004-190935.jpg 

Some information on choosing seeds and growing sprouts for food.

*                       http://www.efoodsdirect.com/blog/sprouting-how-to-choose-seeds/

You can save money om food by growing inexpensive sprouts – You can even make money sharing or selling sprouts and microgreens-


**             http://hubpages.com/hub/Growing-and-selling-Microgreens-An-example-of-a-commercial-urban-agriculture-operation


Summer Ideas as Garden Grows (7 Layer fun in Future)

Last year I made bunch of hummus for an event and had a lot left over. I love it on crackers, bread and as veggie dip.

It is also a good creamy dressing but I wanted to play so I got a tall clear container and started a 7 layer ….dip/salad/snack- Not sure what it was as I set it up.
– pinto beans ( sprouts would be great too)
– hummus ( garlicky and good)
-diced red onion ( fresh from garden)
-sliced cucumbers( fresh picked) {will dice next time}
-thin layer hummus
– diced tomato( garden fresh)
-onions plus chopped herbs

Cover and put in fridge for 2-3 hours and serve as a salad or a dip.

Other options/ideas:
– mix some chia/flax for a gelatin consistency

put tortillas or chips on a baking tray and top with scoops of the dip/ salad put in broiler ( bottom shelf) for 7-10 minutes , until a light browning/ crust forms- this can be topped with chopped chili peppers and a nice vegan cheez.

Baked Beans- Great Fuel

I bought some molasses the other day for something I was doing but bought a bigger bottle and always love to make slow cooked baked beans.  I don’t have a proper baked bean pot- I keep looking at thrift store- but i have a covered casserole

I used onions, cabbage 2 kinds of beans ( canned for speed) plus some seasonings.

Preheat oven to 325.

1 can  each BLACK BEANS and KIDNEY BEANS   (drained)       


-4 TBS Blackstrap Molasses 

-fresh black pepper

-garlic(minced) and garlic powder

-chili pepper flakes

2 yellow onions ,sliced in half rings

1/2 small green cabbage shredded small 

Image1.Mix the beans with molasses and seasoning ( maybe a little of the liquid drained).

2. Place a layer of onion “rings” and cabbage on bottom of dish

3. Add half of the bean mixture

4. Place another layer of onions and cabbage.

5. Add the rest of the bean mixture and top with some shredded cabbage

6. Put lid on casserole

7. place in oven for 3 hours

Serve with salad and whole grain bread or rolls. I also ate the leftoers on top of cook whole grain farro / brown rice.


2nd layer of onionImage


casserole ready for the oven-2 layers beans/onions/cabbage