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Grow Your Own Ginger and Turmeric

I bought some freshly harvested ginger and turmeric at the Farmers Market today. It has been delicious in the past and I am looking forward to eating and drinking it.   

I had a discussion about growing it with a gardening  friend and the vendor at th market. I have grown garlic before and have propagated an avocado plant from a seed but am curious about growing these 2 rhizomes.

I have done a little research { played with th  google machine} and found that there are a few simple steps to take.   Now this doesn’t make it easy nor fast but it seems quite simple.

A. Find some seed stock [rhizome with eyes] 

B. Prepare soil in a 12″ or bigger pot, and make sure the soil is rich and alkaline and drains well

C. Place in warm area , with adequate sun

D. Water as needed and be patient

I found a few useful links:

Some easy basics. –     http://m.wikihow.com/Grow-a-Ginger-Plant 

Some more info for garden planting  – http://www.tropicalpermaculture.com/growing-ginger.html

And another for growing in a pot or pots…- http://balconygardenweb.com/how-to-grow-ginger-in-pot-growing-ginger-indoors/


Growing Turmeric is very similar as noted in the link here-


Enjoy the journey and the food.

Great food and great medicine……


Miss the Daily Fun in the Garden- But need to Plan the New Seeds for Early season Planting

Miss the Daily Fun in the Garden- But need to Plan the New Seeds for Early season Planting

What should I plant next spring?  

What should I start inside?  How many should i start? I have a nice rack to grow/start up to 400 seed starter pots. 

What can I sow directly after starting inside- to stagger harvest for the entire season. Time to do some reading here ON line and some books- 


Book reviews to follow.

Seeds ?


Starting inside?



Need to Sow some Seeds- Starting Inside !!

Need to Sow some Seeds- Starting Inside !!

I am growing some herbs and plants inside my apartment and ha started. This has me thinking about the whole idea of starting seeds. When will I start this year?  

What will I start at home for next summers’ crop?

Some more info I found- especially about potting/starter mix


Some more great hints…which ones to focus on?




Stinging Nettles and Milk Thistle – Weeds or Wonders

>Planting and growing “weeds” is a lot of fun and beneficial. In the past I have grown dandelions and they are great in salads, soups and smoothies. Tasty and full of vitamins/minerals.           Image

This year I am growing Stinging nettles and Milk Thistle.  I love a plant that can fight back when harvested- like going hunting. I also enjoy the challenge of creating and attractive garden, that is a joy to visit and walk by.  The color and spread of the nettles and the variegated coloring of the thistle leaves and the beautiful purple flowers. AND the thorns.

Besides the taste and fun in the garden- these cool plants have the following benefits.

Stinging Nettle – leaves/roots – Vitamin:A,B,D,C,K; Iron,calcium and silica{ Urtica dioica }

Helpful/useful for:

-Urinary tract Infections                        – Kidney stones

-Joint ailments and arthritis                  -allergies

– general inflammation                          -internal bleeding

-all kinds of ..itis issues                          -many other indications……

How to Consume:  Cooked greens, tea , smoothies, leaves and stems as a topical skin treatment


Milk Thistle –leaves, blooms,stems and seeds, high anti-oxidants,bioflavonoids     {silybum marianum}

Helpful / Useful for:

-Liver and gallbladder concerns            -appetite and heartburn

-allergy concerns                                     -hangover

– diabetes issues                                      – alcohol abuse symptoms

How to consume- Leaves and flowers cooked or in salads or smoothies, seeds as a coffees sub.



The new plants are coming in slowly but look great and I will add some more pictures as they mature and I have more starting for late season harvest.

I became enamored of these greens a few years ago when I got “hooked” on green smoothies. I was able to purchase dandelion greens at the store but had to cut and harvest these in the wild or from the “weedy” section of gardens at other homes. Many of them looked at me funny when I planted seeds for these tasty greens as well as dandelions.

More to come.