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Plant Based Complete Protein Sources

An item or ingredient is a complete protein when it has all of the essential amino acids (those needed by humans from our diet).

Many other plants have several amino acids but need to be combined with another item to complete the mix for use in the human body.

This is a very simple list: ( and soy is avoided for allergy and other concerns)

1. Seitan – 21 grams per 1/3 cup. Of course I left out soy due to allergen concern and since seitan is ALL GLUTEN there are some allergy concerns.

2. Hummus with Whole whole grain pita 7 g with 2 tbs hummus

3. Peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread 15 g for 2 tbs PB .

4. Rice and beans 7g/ cup  (brown rice)

5.  Quinoa 8g /cup cooked

6. Buckwheat 6g/cup cooked ( no gluten not related to wheat)

CLOSE TO COMPLETE PROTEIN , but great for combining:

Chia seed and Hemp seed. 9-10 g/ serving

Nutritional yeast – 12g/ 3 tbs

Other seeds  7-9 g/ 1/4 cup
This is just a quick list but many of these can easily be included in 3 daily meals for an intake of 20-30 grams of protein per day.

Plus  a few charts from the web world-


How do you get enough protein on a plant-based diet?



Be a Real Cheapskate- GROW your Fertilizer Part 1

Russian Comfrey ( Symphytum uplandicum) and wild comfrey ( symphtum officinale) are partners to consider adding to your garden because when established ,after  year 1 , it provides plenty of “free” fertilizer for your plants and an energizer for your growing compost piles(bins).

Wild comfrey tends to spread so plan ahead and put it in a spot that allows for  that or control the expansion by planting in buried pots, buckets or old storage bins (make sure they have drainage) control / limit  the spread.
Comfrey has the added benefit of being a useful medicinal herb (See link below).

It is  a relatively tall plant that  likes to reach out and spread its “wings”, so set it in places where it can do so and not cast too much shade or crowd out neighbors, especially permanent plantings like trees, berries and bushes.

The average home garden will benefit from 4-6 plants . It is be propagated from cutting or established plants can be divided .  It is an attractive plant with attractive blue-purple flowers and a fuzzy green leaf.

            How to Use Comfrey in your garden:
A. Liquid Fertilizer: 1] fill bucket with leaves(not necessary to pack tight) and top completely with water and cover the bucket with lid or board and set in sun for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks the liquid should be dark brown-black. IT WILL STINK, BUT THT IS OK!!
2] Combine dark liquid with clear water and ratio of 1-2 cup liquid/1 gallon water
3] add spread around plants every other week during regular watering or before a rain.
B. Transplant Kickstart: Put 3-6 leaves in bottom of pot or garden hole when transplanting fruiting plants.
C. Power Mulch : Place a layer of leaves around plants, can be covered with cut grass or leaf mold
D. Compost Activator: add and mix into compost heap/bins. include flowers and stalks




Herbal Tea- Right in Your Garden

Herbal Tea- Right in Your Garden

I love growing food and flowers. The fun of watching the seeds break the soil and and reach for the sun.

I also enjoy starting the seeds and plants and having some “babies” to take to and plant in the garden. The other joy I have is the early season Farmers market and buying some 4-6 packs of seedlings for the garden.  

With all this planting and growing I often end up with too many plants- Now CAN YOU EVER HAVE TOO MANY?

But this is really helpful when planting-growing herbs- These tend be quite attractive plants and many have useful insect resistant and fighting properties, and thus useful when mixed in with veggies and fruit crops.

All of these extra herbs can be used for a variety of teas (after culinary uses have been exhausted).

My favorites have been the Mints- they grow easily and energetically and much more than I use in kitchen.


  – herb gardening Basics


  – More How-to





Container Gardening- Convenient, Flexible and Attractive

Container Gardening- Convenient, Flexible and Attractive

I love raised beds and containers for growing food and flowers. I love creative uses of old buckets, boots and bathtubs. 

Lately I have been looking for ways to maximize each square inch of space and now I live in an apartment and want to grow on the balcony.

The attached 3 clay pot tower gives great way to grow herbs and a small herb ring.

– I have accesss to a bunch of 5 gallon buckets so this looks like a great idea.

This is another cool video- great idea…


Herbs for Fun and beauty in the Garden- Health and taste at Home

Herbs for Fun and beauty in the Garden- Health and taste at Home

Love this blog post I found about storing enough parsley for the year. 

There is nothing like it fresh and green right out of the ground but fresh dried or fresh frozen is still better than anything in a jar.

Now starting several herbs for a kitchen window-winter garden.  Which pots are best? break down and support root and plant growth.


I love growing and using mint. For food, smoothies, tea and ice cream.


More on herbs- general info-


Parsely, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme…Garden joy-Not just a sappy song

I love starting several seedlings of all of the great herbs- even more than I can or will eat.so I can fill all corners of the garden with great scents and beautiful plants. Many of my favorites will stay around all year and be there for next season- living in Virginia has some perks…

Image       Image

This year I planted- 2 kinds of rosemary, 3 kinds of sage, 2 parsley’s and 2 thyme.  I also have started 2 mints and hope to add 1 or 2 more and some lemon balm and maybe lemon verbena.  Will be a fun and tasty Fall- and maybe nicely scented winter.


As I water and weed and take care of my other veggies and watch my herbs grow I look for other great ways to use them.

THYME- for food and soup/stew- It is also a great base for Cough syrup

SAGE- Will be a great scent for bedroom and bathroom and flavor for roasted foods.

ROSEMARY- will marry well with the Sage for a house scent and added to baking soda in the fridge/closet for a fresh aroma.. ( I have even found the benefit of a few sprigs in tha car and trunk)