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Be a Real Cheapskate- GROW your Fertilizer Part 1

Russian Comfrey ( Symphytum uplandicum) and wild comfrey ( symphtum officinale) are partners to consider adding to your garden because when established ,after  year 1 , it provides plenty of “free” fertilizer for your plants and an energizer for your growing compost piles(bins).

Wild comfrey tends to spread so plan ahead and put it in a spot that allows for  that or control the expansion by planting in buried pots, buckets or old storage bins (make sure they have drainage) control / limit  the spread.
Comfrey has the added benefit of being a useful medicinal herb (See link below).

It is  a relatively tall plant that  likes to reach out and spread its “wings”, so set it in places where it can do so and not cast too much shade or crowd out neighbors, especially permanent plantings like trees, berries and bushes.

The average home garden will benefit from 4-6 plants . It is be propagated from cutting or established plants can be divided .  It is an attractive plant with attractive blue-purple flowers and a fuzzy green leaf.

            How to Use Comfrey in your garden:
A. Liquid Fertilizer: 1] fill bucket with leaves(not necessary to pack tight) and top completely with water and cover the bucket with lid or board and set in sun for 2 weeks. After 2 weeks the liquid should be dark brown-black. IT WILL STINK, BUT THT IS OK!!
2] Combine dark liquid with clear water and ratio of 1-2 cup liquid/1 gallon water
3] add spread around plants every other week during regular watering or before a rain.
B. Transplant Kickstart: Put 3-6 leaves in bottom of pot or garden hole when transplanting fruiting plants.
C. Power Mulch : Place a layer of leaves around plants, can be covered with cut grass or leaf mold
D. Compost Activator: add and mix into compost heap/bins. include flowers and stalks



Compost Bins and Composting and Planning for the Future of the Soil

I have a been a fan of collecting and making compost for the garden. I have had worms in bins doing the work for me. And black plastic bins cooking the greens and browns outside,

Now with friends and a bigger yard and garden we need to decide what to do for the compost that is or can be available with the farm in the woods and the nearby stream. 

A look at Compost bins-Tools

 * The following is a simple and useful Grab a roll of chicken wire and 2-4 stakes(plus a fork to turn) 

The following bins I have used- Love using the hot method to make compost quickly. At least get the batch started and then pas it on to a open bin.

Now I am looking into some ideas for the following reused/recycled items. Wooden pallets and cinder blocks/bricks.


 Now this one is a little fancy but will really crank up the heat and get the material churning and rotting- prepping for use in the garden.