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Planning for Emergencies.

As Hurricane season draws near the end it is late but stilla good time to think about emergency planning.

Hopefully you never have to deal directly with a disaster but in all likelihood we will have periods without power-water or other basics.  It is best to be ready for some or all potential disaster situations.

What will you eat?             How will you prepare it?

How will you stay warm /dry?            Where will you / can you go?

How can you stay hydrated?            This is the real lifesaver if all else falls short. make sure you have water or  a way to get some.

There are many considerations and many places to get info for planning purposes. The best- but very basic- site is  , but others have great info and calculators.

KEY POINT – have at least a gallon of clean water per day per person.  Now this can change if you are in a hot climate or have any health issues.  We can survive a few days without food but not without water. We lose water every minute and need  to replace it all day long.

Where do you live?

What emergencies / disasters threaten you and your “neighborhood” ? This will guide your decisions on what and how to prepare.  No body and no places are immune but some are more likely to be impacted by wind/rain, storms, tornado , snow and earthquakes.

How about Safety and First Aid?

You can not forget some Basics for boo-boos- bandages, cleaner, antibiotic ointment, support bandages and a few other necessities. Safety will also include blankets or sleeping bags or warm clothing if cold weather emergencies as well as covering needs.

And of course flashlights with spare batteries and/or lanterns with the same power. A battery or hand cranked radio is also helpful and useful.


Do you have anything that makes sense for you?


I have found food/energy bars to be a good item to have on hand.