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spring ahead, FALL BACK- the garden in Fall and Winter

The end of summer usually means an end of the garden but does that mean the work is over?

This post is just a free-for-all collection of semi-random fall gardening articles I found and enjoyed this week

what to grow when the sun goes away?



some more thoughts….

What to do in the garden?  or not…






Plan and Plant Your Garden for Non-Stop Veggies- Like a Tasty Buffet

Plan and Plant Your Garden for Non-Stop Veggies- Like a Tasty Buffet

I have been gardening for a number of years and have been reading about it, watching TV / now online videos about it. It is a lot of fun and interesting AND OF COURSE DELICIOUS- but I am learning to make the most of all my efforts and fill the fridge and {now learning to make fermented veggies- KIMCHi/ kraut etc}

I recently read an article about SUCCESSION PLANTING  and was intrigued- I  realized i read about it before but never “caught” it before. Now I am making a plan to try it this year and season.  

Onions, greens, cabbage family plants will be my first trial partners.

* I like this article about Doubling the harvest. I am also adding some of the books mentioned( that I don;t have now),default,pg.html 

** I have been experimenting with Square Foot gardening and some of the ideas in Mel Bartholomew books and website, but not the succession planting ideas( I reread a few pages just a few minutes ago.

^***And one more i found that has a lot of great info- i will download and use for my plans and hopefully for my kitchen ( even share/barter with friends)



Flooding June 7 2013 B


Container Gardening- Convenient, Flexible and Attractive

Container Gardening- Convenient, Flexible and Attractive

I love raised beds and containers for growing food and flowers. I love creative uses of old buckets, boots and bathtubs. 

Lately I have been looking for ways to maximize each square inch of space and now I live in an apartment and want to grow on the balcony.

The attached 3 clay pot tower gives great way to grow herbs and a small herb ring.

– I have accesss to a bunch of 5 gallon buckets so this looks like a great idea.

This is another cool video- great idea…


Miss the Daily Fun in the Garden- But need to Plan the New Seeds for Early season Planting

Miss the Daily Fun in the Garden- But need to Plan the New Seeds for Early season Planting

What should I plant next spring?  

What should I start inside?  How many should i start? I have a nice rack to grow/start up to 400 seed starter pots. 

What can I sow directly after starting inside- to stagger harvest for the entire season. Time to do some reading here ON line and some books- 


Book reviews to follow.

Seeds ?

Starting inside?

Recycle- ReUse Pallets for Garden raised Beds- Free Lumber

I have been collecting and using old wooden pallets (HT-heat treated) for the garden this year and so far it has made it easier to build raised beds and in the garden THIS year the extensive rains have made the beds helpful and safe.

As i bring the new pallet in I like to create/set a weed barrier with newsprint or cardboard and then place the pallet, and make sure it is level.


The next step is to start filling/loading the frame with growing medium- I like coffee grounds from local coffee shop. Shenandoah Joe Coffee Roasters [ ] is my source for buckets of coffee grounds.   Image

After I spread the grounds and mulch I top it all with a soil blend and prepare for planting.


This pallet is now planted with- spinach, yarrow, Milk thistle, and oregano.  Updates and pictures to follow.

othe pallets planted this season- cucumbers, spinach, herbs and onions/chives.

might use for covered winter planters…