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Hiding the Garden from the Deer

I have  loved gardening for many years. This year had the “opportunity” to try to outsmart the deer and grow some herbs on the patio. May create beds outside but need to investigate fencing / barrier options.

We had several 10″-12″ and bigger pots and put a good soil mix and planted seedlings (from Farmers Market, )

I bought the herbs over a 3-4 week period and they were planted in pots to accommodate their rots and growth needs. Mint all by itself, basil with oregano and another pot of basil with chives. Marjoram is growing nicely in another pot and parsley is in several as well,is in th front yard , sharing space with roses. The roses smell great as a result of their new neighbors.

I knew what we wanted to grow but I did a little research for best herbs for container growing and this was the first .

It has an interesting list and some fun suggestions. The patio is growing green and seems to be doing well. Of course the pics I took are crappy so,I will try again and attach them later.

If all goes well we should have enough basil for some pesto and and for some pesto to freeze. The parsley has already been used and will be harvested all through the season. The others are getting close to usable size.

I have done some container gardening in the past, next I will try with some fruiting vegetables like cucumbers, squash, tomatoes and peppers.

Here are a few things I am reading about veggies in containers:

This is a lot of fun and delicious as well.

Next experiment will be with sprouting indoors…start and eat in 5-14 days in many cases.



PEACHES- On the Grill, In The Salad



Found some ALMOST ripe peaches and decided to grill them to sweeten them up and use as the base for a fun salad..

Grilled Peach Chopped salad

7-8 peaches cut in half
2-3 green tomatoes sliced 1/2 inch thick
1 cup orange or yellow cherry tomatoes ( can be red- color is for THE LOOK)
1 medium cucumber chopped
3/4 cup Apple cider
OPTIONAL- finely chopped hot pepper

1. Place peaches on grill- flip after 2-3 minutes
2. flip again after 1 minute
3. Place tomatoes on grill  4 minutes each side
4. Allow peaches / onions to cool
5. Cut into bite sized pieces(not MY bite size..)
6. put peaches, onions, cukes and tomatoes (pepper) into bowl and toss
7. Add cider sparingly- until all coated and place in Fridge


Camera didn’t ork right o I found these photos to visual attraction.

Baked Beans- Great Fuel

I bought some molasses the other day for something I was doing but bought a bigger bottle and always love to make slow cooked baked beans.  I don’t have a proper baked bean pot- I keep looking at thrift store- but i have a covered casserole

I used onions, cabbage 2 kinds of beans ( canned for speed) plus some seasonings.

Preheat oven to 325.

1 can  each BLACK BEANS and KIDNEY BEANS   (drained)       


-4 TBS Blackstrap Molasses 

-fresh black pepper

-garlic(minced) and garlic powder

-chili pepper flakes

2 yellow onions ,sliced in half rings

1/2 small green cabbage shredded small 

Image1.Mix the beans with molasses and seasoning ( maybe a little of the liquid drained).

2. Place a layer of onion “rings” and cabbage on bottom of dish

3. Add half of the bean mixture

4. Place another layer of onions and cabbage.

5. Add the rest of the bean mixture and top with some shredded cabbage

6. Put lid on casserole

7. place in oven for 3 hours

Serve with salad and whole grain bread or rolls. I also ate the leftoers on top of cook whole grain farro / brown rice.


2nd layer of onionImage


casserole ready for the oven-2 layers beans/onions/cabbage



How to Consume More of the Great Foods

How to Consume More of the Great Foods

There is a daily posting or publication of new diets and superfoods in the press and in the blogosphere.

There are many great things to eat some are super – OR At least HAVE BETTER press AGENTS- But if you shop only at farmers markets and the produce section of the stores you will find a lot of Superfoods. Dark greens, green herbs, starchy power foods ( potatoes, sweets, beans) and juicy fruits.  They can be  prepared in many ways cooked or stewed- raw or salad and put into juice or smoothie.

These can also be grown in the yard, garden, balcony or even in the house. This gives the added benefit of freshness as well as the wonder and pleasure of the work and effort to grow them.

Not going to get into too much detail or recipes now- that will be later.

   – similar to before- but a varied selection of Greats… 

 – More great foods but these with a different reason 



veggies and Fruits- What to eat to LIVE Forever ?

veggies and Fruits- What to eat to LIVE Forever ?

I love all the great pictures and charts that help promote healthy eating and life.

What to eat?

   What to buy?         and especially 


  What to grow in the garden.