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Tis the season for Compost (prep for Spring Now )

Summer is over and a few crops remain…What is the most important thing to do after you have cleaned up the garden?

You now have plants and leaves and roots that were removed when finished and these can be the basis of new soil next season if handled properly, and composted. To compost these remainders you can:

  • chop them and work into the soil
  • burn them and put the ash in the soil OR
  • add to compost bin or pile

Now the naked garden can be left alone until planting but a better option is to add cut grass, chopped leaves, coffee grounds and food scraps – NOW and let them  work into the soil over the next 3-5 months.

Green manure crops may be planted to feed and improve and protect the soil. Many of the popular “manures” are legumes that capture nitrogen and fix it into the soil and the greenery that does grow breaks down quickly next season when chopped into the soil .


  1. It is “free” since you have plenty of material in the Fall- fallen leaves, cut grass, kitchen waste as well as newspapers and cardboard from Christmas gift packages
  2. it is simple, collect and pile ( you can get fancy and work the pile- it is recommended  for speed
  3. fill the pile and let it age and create new Young piles/bins

Tools or Supplies needed or suggested:

A) spot for the pile or bin

B) Material or barrel for bin, pile ( not required but helps a lot)

C) lawnmower to chop leaves and larger scraps (smaller pieces ,speed the process)

D) shovel or fork to turn the scraps and speed the process

More info  below.

Compost pile:

Hot Compost ( for winter and speed ):

Composters to buy: