Summer Ideas as Garden Grows (7 Layer fun in Future)

Last year I made bunch of hummus for an event and had a lot left over. I love it on crackers, bread and as veggie dip.

It is also a good creamy dressing but I wanted to play so I got a tall clear container and started a 7 layer ….dip/salad/snack- Not sure what it was as I set it up.
– pinto beans ( sprouts would be great too)
– hummus ( garlicky and good)
-diced red onion ( fresh from garden)
-sliced cucumbers( fresh picked) {will dice next time}
-thin layer hummus
– diced tomato( garden fresh)
-onions plus chopped herbs

Cover and put in fridge for 2-3 hours and serve as a salad or a dip.

Other options/ideas:
– mix some chia/flax for a gelatin consistency

put tortillas or chips on a baking tray and top with scoops of the dip/ salad put in broiler ( bottom shelf) for 7-10 minutes , until a light browning/ crust forms- this can be topped with chopped chili peppers and a nice vegan cheez.


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