Deer Do Not Like Eggs- Offer them an Omelette and they will Leave.

Here is a Mix ( and a variation or two) that will be effective in repelling most deer from your garden.

Eggs make powerful stinky impact on deer and keep them away. young deer

Both the white( proteins) and and sulfur in the yolk are problems for the deer and will send them to the neighbors.

In a gallon jug:

4 eggs ( scrammbled) and shells(crushed)
4 Tbs dish soap

1. Place the mix in loosely sealed container and place in sun for 2-3 days.
2. After 2-3 days pour/strain through cheesecloth or knee high stocking(Dollar store)
3.Store in the jug, covered tightly- out of the sun
4. Spray on plants from bottom to top
**5. Re-Apply after rain

The solids that are strained out should also be put out on the perimeter to deter the deer.


You can add either –

A]3-4 crushed garlic cloves at the beginning.
B] 4-6 Tbs hot sauce OR 4 chopped hot peppers

C] 4 tbs whole milk

Another option is to make a new batch every few weeks and alternate the EXTRAS- Add milk for the first round. Add garlic for the second round and pepper for the 3rd.

You could add all at the same time BUT the rotation will keep the deer aware of the smells and not develop a tolerance and just ignore it and come in for the snack.


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