Raised Bed for Rich Garden Soil

Working with friends building up the garden for fun and food and Serenity.

It is loaded with Virginia clay soil, filled with nutrients but heavy and hard and tough to water. It is on a slight incline so raising the beds will serve multiple purposes:

– provide a way to level the garden beds

-build up the soil making it softer and richer

-the softer beds make it easier to maintain and in the cooler months to cover

logs and trees- I have built a complete garden with fallen timbers. It looked great after a year and tremendouse in the 2nd and 3rd years  ( found this image on line_

There are several rivers, streams and mountains nearby so rocks of varying sizes will make a great border for the beds.

I have been using burlap bags from a local cofee roaster and shop ( http://www.shenandoahjoe.com ) The bags are great for planters and as a raised bed themselves. But I saw a photo of bags used to build the border of a raised bed. This picture is a little bit too formal for what I am thinking but the idea of the bags makes great sense.

Now it is time to do some looking and thinking about what to do and how.

This is another view of logs as bed walls.





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