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Snow Storm Day- How to Run in the Snow ?

I have always loved winter and after college when I started running for fun I had to figure out how to do so safely.

I loved hiking/walking in snow- even an adventure of hiking to store for food or supplies- more for the adventure rather than necessity (thankfully) I college we had lots of snow and winter and I was fond of taking a night time hike- after studying I would get home from the library and drop the bag and head out for and hour or so.

My friends would joke- call me a Yeti- especially when I returned with ice crystals in my eyebrows or mustache and in my hat or clothes.

After school I moved to a more temperate climate but we still got some snow on an annual basis. I would try to schedule runs to go out when the snow was falling (more than once I went back out because it started snowing as i finished) 

I have big feet- so that is helpful. I am also quite cold hardy so the need for warm clothing is minimized ( as long as I don’t run out in the country or in the woods where i might fall, get hurt and be stuck for a little while) 

The most important thing I learned- drink/hydrate just as if it was July- I sweat in cool but I still lose a lot of fluid from respiration so I can quickly get dehydrated even when Frosty is walking around.

I learned a few other things- make sure shoes have pretty fresh tread ( unless wearing traction device), oil or lotion on face protects from wind, tell someone where and when, fingers and ears are the most vulnerable.

   *Some fun about snow running:  

SOme real fun if you live with lots of snow- Snowshoe





Garden Prep- Winter Season and Spring is Coming (baseball Starts Feb. 13)

Garden Prep- Winter Season and Spring is Coming (baseball Starts Feb. 13)

Getting a little antsy to  get into the garden and get growing for the new year. 

I went by the garden plot at the park and dropped off 10 buckets of used coffee grounds for soil prep and compost/mulch. It is going to a good solid garden this year and the compost pile is cooking along nicely.Compost Pile Jan 2014 

I have also been double-decking my pallets to build raised beds and to elevate them above water problems we had last summer.

They will now be 8-9 inches deep and the slats make a nice separation for the plants and rows for greens. pallet raised bed 2X Debating going 3 high- for deep growing plants. I will consider this as the season progresses and at the end of the summer make he decision.

I took some photos today and will post and take comparison photos as the season arrives and progresses.

 * How to Get ready for the winter(and the spring)

5 Ways to Prepare Your Vegetable Garden for Fall and Winter


What is the next step in preparing the garden for the season? 

Bean Poles 2013 to 2014


Winter Running Fun


The best thing about Winter running

The best thing about Winter running

Booger freeze !!


Winter Harvest- Garden Planning : Year Round Food- Year Round Fun

Winter Harvest- Garden Planning : Year Round Food- Year Round Fun

Love reading Eliot Coleman- and enjoy much of the stuff he has written and said and look forward to having my own place in the fall.

My garden is still producing some herbs and garlic is teeming and will be great later this spring and summer. I wonder if I can grow some garlic at home for the green tops.

 – More E.Coleman

 – Permaculture- is a useful tool for year round use