Herbal Tea- Right in Your Garden

Herbal Tea- Right in Your Garden

I love growing food and flowers. The fun of watching the seeds break the soil and and reach for the sun.

I also enjoy starting the seeds and plants and having some “babies” to take to and plant in the garden. The other joy I have is the early season Farmers market and buying some 4-6 packs of seedlings for the garden.  

With all this planting and growing I often end up with too many plants- Now CAN YOU EVER HAVE TOO MANY?

But this is really helpful when planting-growing herbs- These tend be quite attractive plants and many have useful insect resistant and fighting properties, and thus useful when mixed in with veggies and fruit crops.

All of these extra herbs can be used for a variety of teas (after culinary uses have been exhausted).

My favorites have been the Mints- they grow easily and energetically and much more than I use in kitchen.


  – herb gardening Basics 

  – More How-to




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