How to Consume More of the Great Foods

How to Consume More of the Great Foods

There is a daily posting or publication of new diets and superfoods in the press and in the blogosphere.

There are many great things to eat some are super – OR At least HAVE BETTER press AGENTS- But if you shop only at farmers markets and the produce section of the stores you will find a lot of Superfoods. Dark greens, green herbs, starchy power foods ( potatoes, sweets, beans) and juicy fruits.  They can be  prepared in many ways cooked or stewed- raw or salad and put into juice or smoothie.

These can also be grown in the yard, garden, balcony or even in the house. This gives the added benefit of freshness as well as the wonder and pleasure of the work and effort to grow them.

Not going to get into too much detail or recipes now- that will be later.

   – similar to before- but a varied selection of Greats… 

 – More great foods but these with a different reason 



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