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Community Garden, Victory Garden- good for People and Good for the Area/Town

Community Garden, Victory Garden- good for People and Good for the Area/Town

I have enjoyed gardening most of my life. Now that i am living in an apartment I have rented a space in a local City/Community Garden.

It was a fun year. Though limited in production- I enjoyed the garden and have a plan and foundation for an even better 2014. What will the weather do?


 – Victory garden history and interesting Photos:


CSA- or Community Supported Agriculture- are a variation on the them i am addressing here. farmers produce great food locally and consumers get REALLY fresh goodies {veggies, fruit, herbs, eggs, dairy and meat} 


GREENHOUSE- This has been a recent Topic of Discussion with Friends.

GREENHOUSE- This has been a recent Topic of Discussion with Friends.

Winter is fully upon us and since this is Christmas night- we are closer to Spring than we were a week ago- still the opportunity to grow year round and have a great place to start seedling has been a topic.


Greenhouse ideas/thoughts

A. Where to place

B. Foundation or on the ground

C. Construction plans/methods

D. Kits or professional or build frame and use a mix of new and recycled glass / windows / doors


Just a bunch of thought as I look into this. more to follow as i do research and get the tools out.






Herbal Tea- Right in Your Garden

Herbal Tea- Right in Your Garden

I love growing food and flowers. The fun of watching the seeds break the soil and and reach for the sun.

I also enjoy starting the seeds and plants and having some “babies” to take to and plant in the garden. The other joy I have is the early season Farmers market and buying some 4-6 packs of seedlings for the garden.  

With all this planting and growing I often end up with too many plants- Now CAN YOU EVER HAVE TOO MANY?

But this is really helpful when planting-growing herbs- These tend be quite attractive plants and many have useful insect resistant and fighting properties, and thus useful when mixed in with veggies and fruit crops.

All of these extra herbs can be used for a variety of teas (after culinary uses have been exhausted).

My favorites have been the Mints- they grow easily and energetically and much more than I use in kitchen.


  – herb gardening Basics 

  – More How-to




How to Consume More of the Great Foods

How to Consume More of the Great Foods

There is a daily posting or publication of new diets and superfoods in the press and in the blogosphere.

There are many great things to eat some are super – OR At least HAVE BETTER press AGENTS- But if you shop only at farmers markets and the produce section of the stores you will find a lot of Superfoods. Dark greens, green herbs, starchy power foods ( potatoes, sweets, beans) and juicy fruits.  They can be  prepared in many ways cooked or stewed- raw or salad and put into juice or smoothie.

These can also be grown in the yard, garden, balcony or even in the house. This gives the added benefit of freshness as well as the wonder and pleasure of the work and effort to grow them.

Not going to get into too much detail or recipes now- that will be later.

   – similar to before- but a varied selection of Greats… 

 – More great foods but these with a different reason 



Interesting idea for Garden- GROW YOUR FOOD

Interesting idea for Garden- GROW YOUR FOOD

I love the idea of  “teach a man to fish…..Teach everyone to garden- even urban dwellers….

Ways to grow more food- good tips and idea, Plus links for others… 

Growing for wellness and Disease Fighting

And grow some stuff indoors ( without Greenhouse…FOR NOW !




Container Gardening- Convenient, Flexible and Attractive

Container Gardening- Convenient, Flexible and Attractive

I love raised beds and containers for growing food and flowers. I love creative uses of old buckets, boots and bathtubs. 

Lately I have been looking for ways to maximize each square inch of space and now I live in an apartment and want to grow on the balcony.

The attached 3 clay pot tower gives great way to grow herbs and a small herb ring.

– I have accesss to a bunch of 5 gallon buckets so this looks like a great idea.

This is another cool video- great idea…


Miss the Daily Fun in the Garden- But need to Plan the New Seeds for Early season Planting

Miss the Daily Fun in the Garden- But need to Plan the New Seeds for Early season Planting

What should I plant next spring?  

What should I start inside?  How many should i start? I have a nice rack to grow/start up to 400 seed starter pots. 

What can I sow directly after starting inside- to stagger harvest for the entire season. Time to do some reading here ON line and some books- 


Book reviews to follow.

Seeds ?

Starting inside?