COMPOSTING – And Reusing the Green leftovers

COMPOSTING – And Reusing the Green leftovers


I have been mulching and composting for years.  Started with cut grass and leaves raked up and spread under bushes and in the veggies. It expanded into collecting in a bin and turning it as it broke down and became useful garden fuel.

Now I have bins, piles and bags. It is a lot of fun.  I want to get back to worm composting because the production from worm composting is tremendous for garden and plants.

Today I added 30+ gallons of coffee shop waste ( grounds, fruit peels and paper filters and chopped leaves to the pile and to several raised beds. 2014 garden will be great !!

Wonder what this would cost for a household or maybe for shared use in a neighborhood. Eliminate most of the waste and feed/help the garden, shrubs and trees.

Interesting video and a good start on the information needed.


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