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Herbs for Fun and beauty in the Garden- Health and taste at Home

Herbs for Fun and beauty in the Garden- Health and taste at Home

Love this blog post I found about storing enough parsley for the year. 

There is nothing like it fresh and green right out of the ground but fresh dried or fresh frozen is still better than anything in a jar.

Now starting several herbs for a kitchen window-winter garden.  Which pots are best? break down and support root and plant growth. 

I love growing and using mint. For food, smoothies, tea and ice cream.

More on herbs- general info- 


COMPOSTING – And Reusing the Green leftovers

COMPOSTING – And Reusing the Green leftovers


I have been mulching and composting for years.  Started with cut grass and leaves raked up and spread under bushes and in the veggies. It expanded into collecting in a bin and turning it as it broke down and became useful garden fuel.

Now I have bins, piles and bags. It is a lot of fun.  I want to get back to worm composting because the production from worm composting is tremendous for garden and plants.

Today I added 30+ gallons of coffee shop waste ( grounds, fruit peels and paper filters and chopped leaves to the pile and to several raised beds. 2014 garden will be great !!

Wonder what this would cost for a household or maybe for shared use in a neighborhood. Eliminate most of the waste and feed/help the garden, shrubs and trees.

Interesting video and a good start on the information needed.


Worm Composting – They are Great teammates in the Garden and Garbage Dump

Worm Composting – They are Great teammates in the Garden and Garbage Dump

Worm Composting- Great teammates in the Garden and garbage Dump

I used to have 3-4 worm bins and generated some great compost and a bunch of worms for the other “regualr compost bins and for the indoor plants.

Need to find a partner and grow worms/compost with…

Also dig in current garden footpath for worms to put in compost pile and into the rest of garden


A lot of great info and How-To…

These are pretty cool- Need to check one out…


veggies and Fruits- What to eat to LIVE Forever ?

veggies and Fruits- What to eat to LIVE Forever ?

I love all the great pictures and charts that help promote healthy eating and life.

What to eat?

   What to buy?         and especially 


  What to grow in the garden.



Interesting info- looks like my plans

Interesting info- looks like my plans

The article I just found looks like i could have written it.


I have kale and spinach and other greens.

Onions coming up now and for later- garlic as well.

Gardening is fun