Building a Strong garden and beds for Next Year- THIS FALL

Compost, “lasagna gardening”

I added almost 60 gallons of coffee grounds to the garden yesterday. They are all over the beds and will be layered ( lasagna style ) with leaves and chips and news paper. In spring a little manure/topsoil mix will be added on top for planting and the beds will be powerful and productive.
Just saw this article on a search and liked it:

I am also building a basic Compost Pile with layers of grass, coffee grounds, leaves, soil…..

Turned the bottom to top and it should also be great in spring.

I hope to spend a few hours pulling all of the old plants and weeds ( and harvest a few wild edibles) and add them to the compost pile or maybe to a black plastic bag and water to make it / help it rot faster.


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