Supplies for “OverWintering” the garden.

Now I have some fall/winter crops planted and a few more to go BUT I am collecting supplies to raise all of the bed for next season.

Those not in use now will be raised – lasagna style. Layers of leaves, grass, sand,shredded news paper and coffee grounds…… and then after 3-5 sets of the layers it will betopped with paper and coffee and allowed to “stew” until early spring planting.

Being in a city garden plot- they deliver chopped leaves and wood mulch- so i will kep my eyes open for the supplies and collect what I need.

For the good of the community we had a pretty easy summer and fall hurricane season and limited tree limb destruction- that means the gardens will be limited in supply of chip mulch.   Lots of leaves for the garden AND pathways.

I also plan to bag some chopped leaves and keep them wet and add a little cola to create bags of valauble leaf mold for next spring.





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