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Learning about Lettuce- and other Horticultural Knowledge

Learning about Lettuce- and other Horticultural Knowledge

This is interesting and fun.  I think I have grown a few of the families but now i am excited to try all 5.

Time to study some more and learn what I need to for the most success with these goodies. 



Love Cool Tools –

Love Cool Tools –

I have been playing with some square foot gardening ideas and this seems like a great tool for growing the most in each square foot and having fun doing it.


Eating /Buying Organic is pricey- Growing it Can Be Less Expensive.

Eating /Buying Organic is pricey- Growing it Can Be Less Expensive.

As a gardener and a fan of the healthy lifestyle of vegetarian eating and growing my own food. Of course the growing season will limit my supply of organic foods from my garden…. 

But I can produce some great veggies and fruit- The farmers market will fill the holes- But the months of November-April will be filled with veggies from the market and the local supply will be smaller than the rest of the year but will still be affordable.

garden goodies July 9 2011

Put Tools Away for Winter

I am putting almost everything away for the winter. All are cleaned,oiled and sharpened. I have kept 2 tools out for winter use- building the lasagna garden and compost pile.

The oldest-most beat up tools are staying out. The others have had handles sanded and cleaned and metal parts cleaned, sharpened and all have been oiled for storage.

The rake will come out a few times as I plant some green manure throughout the season and cut it back for manure use.




Recycle / Reuse Free Buckets for Grow Containers

Recycle / Reuse Free Buckets for Grow Containers

     I live in an apartment and have a rented garden space in the city gardens and a small deck/patio. I saw some cool grow towers at local garden store and began thinking of how to do the same thing BUT for FREE!!!

    I have been reading about several different ways to use old containers as garden “plots”. Now that there are several commercially available self-watering containers that provide some great guidance for  creating the same for free or next to nothing. This video shows the standard method of using old containers to grow new food.

    I am getting buckets this week from a friend who goes through buckets pretty quickly so I hope to have greens and some herbs by Christmas dinner.

– Cabbage, kale, collards, dandelion, thyme, mint and a few others for the new Farm 

Building a Strong garden and beds for Next Year- THIS FALL

Compost, “lasagna gardening”

I added almost 60 gallons of coffee grounds to the garden yesterday. They are all over the beds and will be layered ( lasagna style ) with leaves and chips and news paper. In spring a little manure/topsoil mix will be added on top for planting and the beds will be powerful and productive.
Just saw this article on a search and liked it:

I am also building a basic Compost Pile with layers of grass, coffee grounds, leaves, soil…..

Turned the bottom to top and it should also be great in spring.

I hope to spend a few hours pulling all of the old plants and weeds ( and harvest a few wild edibles) and add them to the compost pile or maybe to a black plastic bag and water to make it / help it rot faster.


Ideas for winter garden goodies. ( and the rest of the year too)

Ideas for winter garden goodies. ( and the rest of the year too)

I have just started learning about permaculture but have not really gotten into it yet.