Summer not over but losing plants and Having Questions

Sad day at garden yesterday. The cucumber plant that has produced some nice fruits finally gave up and died. I got 1 last cuke from it but it is a bummer. Image

It was having some problems over the last few weeks and I trimmed a few vines and leaves off but was not sure what was worng and how to save it.
Must do some reading about cucumbers and the diseases/ enemies.

The other fun item in the garden that has concerned me in the weird and under-grown sunflowers.
I planted seeds for 2 different types and they took off initially but they never seemed to grow. The only ones that grew are no more than 18″ tall and the flowers are only 2-3″ across.                      Image

Bad soil, Too much water,too little feed, bad seeds, wrong seeds?

I have a fall plan to build up the soil- something I could never do since I got into the garden in early spring.

Mulch, grass, leaves, compost and soil will do the OVER-winter build up and hopefully give us a great soil next spring.

The soil seems to start plenty of plants quickly and heavily- but they seems to back off.


2 responses to “Summer not over but losing plants and Having Questions

  1. Did you have any cucumber beetles on your plants? They have yellow and black stripes or yellow with black spots. They are notorious for carrying diseases to cucumber plants. They did mine in last year. A strong spray of water and yellow sticky traps are two organic control methods.

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