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Fighting the Good Fight – Weeds and Vinegar- not a salad but clearing the way

In the last 3 weeks I got busy and the weather was perfect for a great crop of wild things to grow in the pathways in the garden.  

ImageMost of the weds are just that weeds but there are a few wild edibles- plantain and lambs quarters. I sprayed the bulk with vinegar/salt/soap mixture and will take .

I mixed a cup of salt with a few tbs of dish soap in a gallon o apple cider vinegar and sprayed it liberally around the wild growth. 

I also sprayed a water, seaweed fertilizer and dish soap mixture on the veggies and herbs in the garden.     Image

I will take some more photos in a few days to see what the vinegar did. I t has worked wonders this year without the impact of the rough weed killing chemicals out there.

Now it is almost time to prepare for winter and the 2014 garden season.       Image


Love the garden and Love to COMPOST- As much fun as veggies

One of several videos I recently watched concerning the process of creating the great garden fuel that is Compost.

I have a pile going and I turned it a bit but I need to expand the process and get the “black gold” growing.

What to add?

How much?


I like the idea of greens vs browns –  Nitrogen to Carbon .


But the real questions is what do you have access to?  Trees in the yard, grass that you cut?  veggie scraps, dryer lint, misc. fur and pet dander swept from house, coffee grounds (home or from local shop).

I also shred some newspaper with the mower and mix them in- they are also great for starting the weed prevent layer in the garden- but it can be the first layer before processed compost is added.



Summer not over but losing plants and Having Questions

Sad day at garden yesterday. The cucumber plant that has produced some nice fruits finally gave up and died. I got 1 last cuke from it but it is a bummer. Image

It was having some problems over the last few weeks and I trimmed a few vines and leaves off but was not sure what was worng and how to save it.
Must do some reading about cucumbers and the diseases/ enemies.

The other fun item in the garden that has concerned me in the weird and under-grown sunflowers.
I planted seeds for 2 different types and they took off initially but they never seemed to grow. The only ones that grew are no more than 18″ tall and the flowers are only 2-3″ across.                      Image

Bad soil, Too much water,too little feed, bad seeds, wrong seeds?

I have a fall plan to build up the soil- something I could never do since I got into the garden in early spring.

Mulch, grass, leaves, compost and soil will do the OVER-winter build up and hopefully give us a great soil next spring.

The soil seems to start plenty of plants quickly and heavily- but they seems to back off.