Recycle- ReUse Pallets for Garden raised Beds- Free Lumber

I have been collecting and using old wooden pallets (HT-heat treated) for the garden this year and so far it has made it easier to build raised beds and in the garden THIS year the extensive rains have made the beds helpful and safe.

As i bring the new pallet in I like to create/set a weed barrier with newsprint or cardboard and then place the pallet, and make sure it is level.


The next step is to start filling/loading the frame with growing medium- I like coffee grounds from local coffee shop. Shenandoah Joe Coffee Roasters [ ] is my source for buckets of coffee grounds.   Image

After I spread the grounds and mulch I top it all with a soil blend and prepare for planting.


This pallet is now planted with- spinach, yarrow, Milk thistle, and oregano.  Updates and pictures to follow.

othe pallets planted this season- cucumbers, spinach, herbs and onions/chives.

might use for covered winter planters…


2 responses to “Recycle- ReUse Pallets for Garden raised Beds- Free Lumber

  1. What an awesome idea to reuse pallets!

    • Thanks for the comment.

      I am liking the pallets and will double or triple them up so they are “deep” enough for all of the goodies I plant.
      I hope to use 3 for a compost bin/planter.

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