Growing my Own Fertilizer {very cheap} – Comfrey

I have planted and relocated a few Comfrey plants in my new garden this year. I hope to be able to use them for “fertile-i-tea” late in the season and then really use next year for mulch etc.

They can be used as mulch or a powerful tea( uses-below). Image

Comfrey  – Symphytum officinale- grows to about 2 feet and is deep rooting and the leaves have a broad spectrum fertilizer in the blend of N-P-K and are useful in the following ways.

A) Spread the leaves  as a mulch to control weeds and protect the soil.

B) Fill a bucket (w/lid) with water and 1/2 filled with comfrey leaves- allow the mix to “brew” for 3-5 weeks and can then be used full/half strength as a feed or water amendment

C) Compost “energizer” – add leaves to a slow “processing” compost pile to give it a kickstart

D) Add chopped leaves to soil while planting/transplanting as a safe/gentle food.


This is perfect for cheapskate gardeners as it provides a full spectrum fertilizer, a mulch and also a good looking plant in the garden.

In future posts we can look at herbalist uses of comfrey in repairing broken bones and healing injuries.


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