Parsely, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme…Garden joy-Not just a sappy song

I love starting several seedlings of all of the great herbs- even more than I can or will I can fill all corners of the garden with great scents and beautiful plants. Many of my favorites will stay around all year and be there for next season- living in Virginia has some perks…

Image       Image

This year I planted- 2 kinds of rosemary, 3 kinds of sage, 2 parsley’s and 2 thyme.  I also have started 2 mints and hope to add 1 or 2 more and some lemon balm and maybe lemon verbena.  Will be a fun and tasty Fall- and maybe nicely scented winter.


As I water and weed and take care of my other veggies and watch my herbs grow I look for other great ways to use them.

THYME- for food and soup/stew- It is also a great base for Cough syrup

SAGE- Will be a great scent for bedroom and bathroom and flavor for roasted foods.

ROSEMARY- will marry well with the Sage for a house scent and added to baking soda in the fridge/closet for a fresh aroma.. ( I have even found the benefit of a few sprigs in tha car and trunk)


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