Recycle pallets for “Free” and “Instant” Raised beds

I have taken over a public garden space that was abandoned early last season. It was terribly overgrown and heavily weeded. On closer inspection- many of those weeds are wild edibles and I tried to salvage, relocate them and many others were cut back and chopped to put in compost pile.

To gain some control over the weeds and get started quickly I collected some safe pallets that were destined for the dump and brought them to the garden.  Image

FIRST STEP – make a layer of newspaper , 8-10 sheets thick and top with composted leaves and then the pallet.

SECOND STEP- Dump buckets of coffee grounds from local coffee and mix with leaves to create a base within the pallet.   Image

THIRD STEP- Fill with a combination of Compost and topsoil and START PLANTING

This first year I wanted to maintain a reasonable garden and not overdo it based on my ability to keep up with the garden .   Image

Current planting in the pallets used- Brussels sprouts, onions, chives, cucumbers, okra, chard, oregano, thyme,

FUTURE- 1 to 3 pallets committed to strawberries and a few stacked pallets for some “texture” in the garden ( as an artist or designer might say.).

Updates to follow as the plants and veggies grow and fill the pallets.  I hope to also add some garlic in the summer and fall for spring/summer harvest 2014.


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