Garden Feast or Famine- Flood or Drought

On Wednesday I watered my garden with buckets of water from the creek nearby….Image

AND THIS guaranteed nearly 48 hours of drenching rain and a a small flood in the garden.  The water will nourish some plants that were neglected and pump up others that been getting the “love”.

Image Image

Thankfully I have set up the beds as raised beds and a few with recycled pallets. I am hopeful that the warm sunny day that followed will result in a explosion of growth and hope for harvest later this summer.

My cucumbers got a great influx of water and the plants grew very green and should start climbing and later flowering.  If the water goes down tomorrow I will build another bed or 2 and pant some red malabar spinach and prepare it to grow up some bamboo poles.

Biggest worry is bugs / mosquitoes  if the water lingers too long. Thankfully my garden is loaded with toads….


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