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Parsely, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme…Garden joy-Not just a sappy song

I love starting several seedlings of all of the great herbs- even more than I can or will I can fill all corners of the garden with great scents and beautiful plants. Many of my favorites will stay around all year and be there for next season- living in Virginia has some perks…

Image       Image

This year I planted- 2 kinds of rosemary, 3 kinds of sage, 2 parsley’s and 2 thyme.  I also have started 2 mints and hope to add 1 or 2 more and some lemon balm and maybe lemon verbena.  Will be a fun and tasty Fall- and maybe nicely scented winter.


As I water and weed and take care of my other veggies and watch my herbs grow I look for other great ways to use them.

THYME- for food and soup/stew- It is also a great base for Cough syrup

SAGE- Will be a great scent for bedroom and bathroom and flavor for roasted foods.

ROSEMARY- will marry well with the Sage for a house scent and added to baking soda in the fridge/closet for a fresh aroma.. ( I have even found the benefit of a few sprigs in tha car and trunk)


Mid-Season planning and working .

Seedlings at home have grown and it is now time to “release them into the wild”  Took Yarrow, Stinging  nettles and Red Malabar Spinach to the garden.   Image

Will be looking great in a week or 2 as they take off.  Image Hopefully eating spinach in July and on until November like last year. More pictures will come later.  The nettles will be a long term supply as they should self seed in location.

Built tripod with bamboo from friends wild “jungle” Image

Garden Feast or Famine- Flood or Drought

On Wednesday I watered my garden with buckets of water from the creek nearby….Image

AND THIS guaranteed nearly 48 hours of drenching rain and a a small flood in the garden.  The water will nourish some plants that were neglected and pump up others that been getting the “love”.

Image Image

Thankfully I have set up the beds as raised beds and a few with recycled pallets. I am hopeful that the warm sunny day that followed will result in a explosion of growth and hope for harvest later this summer.

My cucumbers got a great influx of water and the plants grew very green and should start climbing and later flowering.  If the water goes down tomorrow I will build another bed or 2 and pant some red malabar spinach and prepare it to grow up some bamboo poles.

Biggest worry is bugs / mosquitoes  if the water lingers too long. Thankfully my garden is loaded with toads….

Recycle pallets for “Free” and “Instant” Raised beds

I have taken over a public garden space that was abandoned early last season. It was terribly overgrown and heavily weeded. On closer inspection- many of those weeds are wild edibles and I tried to salvage, relocate them and many others were cut back and chopped to put in compost pile.

To gain some control over the weeds and get started quickly I collected some safe pallets that were destined for the dump and brought them to the garden.  Image

FIRST STEP – make a layer of newspaper , 8-10 sheets thick and top with composted leaves and then the pallet.

SECOND STEP- Dump buckets of coffee grounds from local coffee and mix with leaves to create a base within the pallet.   Image

THIRD STEP- Fill with a combination of Compost and topsoil and START PLANTING

This first year I wanted to maintain a reasonable garden and not overdo it based on my ability to keep up with the garden .   Image

Current planting in the pallets used- Brussels sprouts, onions, chives, cucumbers, okra, chard, oregano, thyme,

FUTURE- 1 to 3 pallets committed to strawberries and a few stacked pallets for some “texture” in the garden ( as an artist or designer might say.).

Updates to follow as the plants and veggies grow and fill the pallets.  I hope to also add some garlic in the summer and fall for spring/summer harvest 2014.