Monthly Archives: March 2013

New place and a new garden- starting from Scratch +1

I recently moved and left the garden I was playing with and was without a garden for a while. I was able to rent a garden plot in the City of Charlottesville in the spaces at Azalea Park.

Image I said “from scratch+1” because this plot has obviously been tended before BUT it needs a couple hours o TLC before we start planting and harvesting. I plan to do some clean up this weekend and plan to bag / compost all of the vegetation in the picture.

I need to investigate the plot to see if there are any plants still in place or coming up for spring as I plan the set up of the plot and the items to grow this year.

This is in the open so there will be  A LOT of sun so fruiting plants will do well (planning to fight the bugs…)

The 3rd step to take will be the analysis of the soil to determine what i will need to add / blend/ or mix into the soil..

Beans / peas will be planted asap as they serve dual purpose- good food for me and a crop that will replenish soil nutrients.Image

There are a few items and tools left over so I will need to take an inventory and clean up some broken junk as well ( pots, buckets and tools).   Time for a fun new adventure- I am running late for the season but I will catch up and have some fun with it. Continue reading