Monthly Archives: November 2012

Composters and Cheap garden food/fuel.

Fall is here and even though the cheap garden is slowing down and dying but it is time to feed the soil and get ready to refresh the soil for next year. One of the best and most effective tools for the cheap-skate gardener is a compost pile. Collecting my grass clipping, fallen leaves and kitchen scraps costs almost nothing and provides and amazing and powerful fuel and foundation for a lively and productive garden.  I was lucky to find 2  bins for sale at local stores.  They are dark in color so they can cook the compost quickly and effectively.


What goes in green or brown and grey or yellow comes out a gorgeous and fresh smelling black and sprinkled or shoveled into the garden results in strong vibrant plants.

Bin S contains the new materials and is currently about 2 months from completion and Bin K has strong and complete compost and needs to be sorted and sifted before use in planters and dumped straight into the garden.      Image  One of the “team” in composter S doing his work breaking down leaves and coffee grounds dumped in recently.