Monthly Archives: October 2012

Hurricane Sandy on the way….What to do?

Putting all of the tools and buckets and other “flying” items away.  bags of leaves and grass being “cooked” in the sun will be piled and hidden to save them..

In Central Virginia we should avoid the brunt of the storm but I am also praying for folks directly in the path and hope that all are ready and safe.

Doing a little trimming/pruning that was started last week and then we wait.

Food in supply, camp stove is ready and we have firewood and lanterns are charged.

I will harvest the beans that I can harvest and enjoy this weekend.

Good Luck and God Bless as the storm approaches.


Fall Crops – Cheap Food

I have been cleaning the garden and prepping for next spring But also planting crops for the next few months. It will be great grabbing something from the garden to fill out a winter meal.

Most of my fall winter crops are greens. They grow well here and I love to eat a lot of greens. I use them in smoothies, soup , wraps and of course salads.Image

Already popping  up : romaine lettuce, sorrel , cabbage(much has been bug eaten). In another bed I have several bush beans producing AND refueling the bed after it was the site of cabbage/Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and broccoli.  I will leave the plants and turn it under before use in the spring.Image

I have already planted 3 sets of garlic for next spring/summer and will plant some more shortly.

I will plant some more beans to fill a few spaces , add nitrogen and get some food.  I have used clover for green manure in past gardens- and it did that job well But since I am not a horse I couldn’t eat it. With the beans I can get the manure and a great meal.

What do you grow in the winter?  When do you start in the spring?

The pictures are of a newly planted bed of greens(chard/lettuce and kale) as well as ready to eat lettuce,basil and other herbs. Another shot is of the bush beans.