Garden Costs for 2012 – How Cheap can we be ??

Long/term invest:

Composters 30-50   should last 5 years

Plastic Bins for Worm Composting  $24 x2  , 8-10 years
Shovels- 3 avg. cost of $15 (1new others yard sale)  8-10 yrs
Mower- $150     , should last 5-7 years with care
Hoe- 35  (10 years old- should last 10 more)
Hand tools- 40    (at least 10 year life)
Potting supplies/tool- 10  ( recycled/Freecycle’d items)
Buckets- recycle from painter or pool maintenance guy
Hoses and attachments- 50  3-5 year life

$70.10 per year

ANNUAL expense- 2012

Seeds- 35
Potting misc.- 12
seedlings- 25

Gasoline/oil- $10
Soil/ humus- 42(will be less next year )and could be free
Water from city- $70 for summer(estimate as of July)

Soap/oil/vinegar/peppers/garlic – $28 for insects and weeds

$222 for 2012 so far

Image  Hoping to freeze tomato sauce and have 25+ SERVINGS available over the winter.
                         Cheapskate math = SUMMARY

My costs for this year are approximately   $292.10

This is the total of the annual costs and the 1 year portion of the Long Term investments.

My cost per serving ( all plants considered equal for ease of calculation)

A serving of tomato is 1 large tomato, 1 whole cucumber, quarter/half a cabbage…..

[serving is a subjective measure, but it is my measure as a 6’8 300lb gardener and vegetarian]

As of late July I have a cost per serving of $0.89 and it is dropping as more harvest awaits.

Image The last cauliflower- harvested in June and had 6 servings.


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