How Does Your Garden Grow?

Great colors- great looking stuff.

I am going to plant edamame next year_shortly after new year….

I had cauliflower in 3 colors this year (white/purple and gold) All great Plus it is fun. Like being a kid with box of crayons.

Awesome. Vegan. Rad.

I love my postage stamp garden.  This is my first year doing any serious (and I use the word ‘serious’ rather lightly) gardening, and while my yard isn’t big enough to yield a substantial crop, it’s enough to have a few sides of veggies and some herbs and a little snip of things here and there.  I grew every bit of it from seed (except for 3 of my herbs that just wouldn’t sprout), and I just couldn’t be more proud.  I think it’s really important for everyone to try growing at least a little bit of their own food at some point.  It really puts the whole food buying and consuming process into perspective.  People work hard to put those veggies on your table!  And there is nothing more satisfying than eating something that you grew from a seed.  From the first exciting moment that it sprouts, to watching…

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