Black Gold- But not like Uncle Jed’s…

I harvested a bucket of fresh Compost.  It was black and soft and felt like POWER.  I was planting a few flowers in Cathy’s garden and the soil was like pottery so I added some chopped oak mulch and some fresh compost. There will be plenty in the fall to feed the garden for next spring as well as the cold frame for great growth over the winter.

The extra was spread in the new cleared plot (cabbage pulled for kim chi and slaw) and seeds will be set in a day or so.  Fall greens YUMMM


I bought 2 different heavy plastic compost bins a few years ago (at Lowes and Sam’s) and they make great compost with just a little work , and free added leaves, coffee, grass and scraps.

I paid less then $50 for the 2 bins and will get 5-6 more years of use so great cheapskate items – They are costing me $7.15 /year. Of course I could get cheaper and find a free trash can or similar item AND I am because it looks like I need a 3rd bin for good rotation and movement of the processing compost.


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