Grow some fertilizer and Compost

        Much is /has been written about using chemicals for gardens. I have been using compost and Vermicompost ( worm poop) to feed and grow the garden.

        I read about green manures in the past and have used clover and beans in the off-season to “feed” the soil for spring planting. I started growing and using Comfrey  Image this spring and have had success. The leaves make a powerful tea that fuels great growth in the plants and is also a wonderful compost activator when poured into the piles or bins .

I now have a few mature plants and 4 new plants and hope to use the leaves as mulch next year or over the winter in the cold frame.


They will also growth and spread- so that will be fun to control but any picking, trimming will feed the garden on compost bins.

      I will have 6 plants by weeks end. The leaves (to the 2 G mark) in the 5 gallon bucket were just placed there with 5 gallons of water. The bucket was closed and set to brew for  3-5 weeks, until it is a powerful deep black color and the leaves are almost gone.

It will then be diluted with an additional 5 gallons of water and used on each plants, especially any that are struggling. Any leftover will be stirred into the active compost bin or pile.


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